Important Applications from Google Playstore

Important Applications from Google Playstore

Hy ladies and gentlemen , welcome to this time and welcome to meet you again in this new lesson  which we bring you important applications and new things that the world of the internet has currently achieved.

So, today our lesson will analyze three apps that we have an assurance it will impress you.


We often get complaints that when people go to a meeting or a wedding or any other place that gathers people, there is a problem of stealing their mobile phones when they put it in their pockets.

 which these people try to steal. you will find them to be very smart so that you will never hear when they pull this phone from your pocket. Therefore, we decided to bring you this App that will help you in catching everyone who did this attempt by catching him in an amazing way.

First App in Breif 

Directly after you download the App in your phone and open it, you will see 6 options, here you can choose the things that is more important to you.

From there you will see them in a row and you can follow each one and click on the Tik symbol, but if it seems that you can bother yourself, in my opinion, I think it is better  you choose two important, which you can set a heavy and very loudly ring when the snatchers touched it starts.

 It began to add so much noise that there was no way he could control it, until the owner catch him.

After you choose the one who gave you, if I were you, I would choose the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 6th choice. As soon as you put your phone in your pocket, someone takes it out, where the App is on, it will start to ring a lot.

If you choose option 3, no matter how you put your phone to charge, if someone unplugs it, it will make a very loud sound that you can hear from anywhere, how far away, so it will help you when your phone is fully charged, it will start to sound to prevent damage to the phone's battery. 

After you set this thing, from the top of your hand you will see where "Next" is written and you are clicking, at the top you will see in Security and you are also clicking that you can enter all the pins you want. 

The main task of entering your email, if someone tries to open the pin, it will immediately take a picture of the thief's face and send it to your email. try to find a plan with him. May Allah preserve it

if you want to download this App


Reason for Bringing Application (2)

Statistics show that the majority of young people at this time follow football, and some of them follow it by watching the games every week or midweek. But on the other hand, you will find that our daily business prevents us from following these games or events related to football.

 So we will bring you the information of this App which makes it easy for you to know all the football matches that will be held in Europe and the time and place and the date of the match. 

Impressive too, if you didn't watch the game and you are eager to see highlights, you can enter the App and refresh it, so it will Display the video of highlights in front of App.

And you can see the calendar of the matches and top scorers and also Line up and Injured players.

Very amazing!


This App is legal, and it comes from Google Play store, so it is licensed to be on our Android phones and others.

As soon as you know, look at the games that are available in the continent today, just after installing, you will see that all your privacy is written below.

 Get start is written for you, when you click it, it will show you the major European teams, that is, you can choose the ones you want to read and you will be notified of all their matches. After you have chosen, they will give you all the leagues in Europe and you will also choose the league that you like the most and you will see all the news about it.

After you have finished choosing, you will be directed to the games that are being played today and the ones that will be played in the whole week. with them, you will see everything related to the game at this time.

Of course, we don't have the time to explain this App in full, but honestly, for those who need to use it, it has a lot of beautiful things.

if you want download this App



You can easily use this software to free up Space on your device and browse and also share your files, this App works on Android from version 5 to up.

And also this App will helps you to save the content you save on Google documents.

And when you want back up your files to your own account, you can find a recover file in administrator. And recover the deleted files such as photos videos from Google drive withing 25 to 30 days after a user empties their trash. 

That's why we bring you this App that will organize everything you have on your phone, such as the Gallery and other things.

Another interesting thing about this App is the name of the files. There is no setting you can do when you use it, you just log in as soon as you log in and you will see everything ready.

How long does Google can Keep your Data?

You can choose it by yourself how long analytics retains it before it delete it automatically, of course, I think the maximum amount is about 26 months, regardless of your settings, but infact by default Google signed in data expire not even past 26 months.


It is very fantastic that it comes from Google company, and it will show you the amount of space it has taken in your phone and the space that is left in your phone, here you will understand what you should delete and what you should leave.

Also, this software has many other things that we should download and look at for enjoyment, and these things will not be included here.

If you want download this App


If you click on Google Play store, then you will see a place where Install is written, click on it and wait for it to download on your phone.

Greetings to you

This is the end of our today lesson, hope you enjoy it and benefit from it, thanks you.

Meet you again.