Telegram and WhatsApp which one is better?


Telegram and WhatsApp which one is better?


Hy, brothers and sisters, welcome to meet you again in this new lesson, today we will distinguish and differentiate between WhatsApp and Telegram applications, which one is better? 

To know kind of this things will help you a lot, because these Apps overtake the whole wide.

But on the other hand, the fact that these Apps have a strong reputation in terms of popularity and the followers who use them all over the world.

 That made us think that it is appropriate to give you information and the difference between both Whatspp and Telegram. 

Although WhatsApp has a follower that they have downloaded  over 5 billion people. While Telegram has more than 1B users worldwide.

But in this hand Whatspp is incomparable with Telegram in terms of popularity.

Telegram and whatapp

When it comes to safety and sending direct messages, there is nothing like these applications in the world, because they have a large number of followers and they are very effective in protecting secrets and giving opportunities when advertising our products.

WhatsApp Or Telegram

In the past years, Telegram was released, it was a common compare to WhatsApp, Telegram has very important secrets and so does WhatsApp, now Telegram is not better than WhatsApp because WhatsApp company has good futures that were not there before.

I will explain both of them and the Updates that came with  due Telegram and Whatspp 

(1) Chat history cloud storage 

Telegram saves all the messages of the users of the application in the cloud so that if your phone has a problem or you are unable to log in to another phone, you will see all your messages without missing a single message.

WhatsApp has this but you have to turn it on and even if you turn it on, you may miss some messages. In this,Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

(2) Two factor authentication 

Both Telegram and WhatsApp have this so that no one can log in or make a new login in your account, they have to use two factor authentication. This helps to protect your account from hackers. Here we have a tie.

(3) Hide your phone Number

In WhatsApp you can't hide your number, especially in groups, everyone will see your number and can follow you by number, so you can't hide your number in many places on WhatsApp.

In Telegram, you can't send message to a person if you see his number in groups or in a channel until he let it available, because Telegram hides everyone's number in groups and channel. And now Telegram is better.

Screen lock

On Telegram and WhatsApp you can set the application lock so that no one can enter unless you know or someone who knows the security you have set. Both are better.

Open source code 

For the moment Telegram is focusing to open sourcing the things that allow developers to rush building something using our API.

They already published the code for Android iOS and co.

Telegram is open source code so you can add some things to your Telegram, you can change its color or other things and you can add or subtract.

For Whatsapp there is a nice tool " open in Whatspp" and available in f droid.

Like Instagram and Spotify you can only use web browser.

App Availability 

WhatsApp and Telegram are both available in the play store for Android and the Apple store for iPhones, so you can download them on any phone you want.

Group Chat

Group chat is a place that will help you meet family and friends, in all these applications you can open groups but they are different in terms of the number of people they can take. 

WhatsApp allows 1,024 people to be in one group, while Telegram allows 200,000 group members in one group.

Online Status

WhatsApp  allows you to add status that is the way to show your friends the situation you are,  you can use this method to advertise your products by posting pictures or video messages that will be deleted within 24 hours.

But in Telegram, there is no such possibility, it seems that you do not have the right to add status to your followers.


While WhatsApp still does not allow you to send contacts over 16 Mb, and Telegram through it you can send content that is more than 1.5 GB.


In WhatsApp, the way to change the account that has recently come out is very easy because every time you want to add your account to your phone, you just go to "Settings" on WhatsApp and click on the link from there it will ask you for your password. put it, you will light the camera directly and you will see your accountant go directly to the other phone,and search it via Barcode, it will transfer your WhatsApp from this phone to another immediately.

But in  Telegram, you only have to enter the number you have opened when you want to change the account directly.


In WhatsApp you can make phone calls through this App directly without any problem, and you can make video calls directly and Video message all are available in Whatspp at the moment.

While in Telegram you can make direct audio calls in addition to video calls.


In the past, the Whatsapp company did not use photo editing technology when sending, which we can see that when you send a picture, its clarity decreases. But now the company has added this feature, if you come to send photos directly to your friends, you can increase the quality to HD so that it comes out well.

But this thing already exists in Telegram, in fact it does not reduce the Clear image.


In the past, Telegram created a channel that followers can benefit in a different way, especially learning a new knowledge, but now WhatsApp has also added this channel technology.


Recently: Between 1 second and 2 to 3 days

Last week: Between 2 and 3 days and 7 days

Last month: Between 2 and 3 days and 7 days

Long term: if you use  don't this software for more than a month and it does not work, there is a possibility that it will be closed for a while


After explaining the difference between these two programs, we understand that there some people using these softwares in an illegal way, infact this is not allow, using Whatsapp GB is not allow, and may be it will harm your number and phone, be careful.

 This is why it is not allowed to download any of this software, if it is not  legal. ,if you want use this software in a legal way, you must go to Google Play store and download it, because this is where you will find applications that are registered and which they can protect our secrets for you

If you want download these Apps in play store


Telegram a play store 


Where you can download this great application

You will directly click on the place that I told you to click on (Click Here), after you click directly it will take you to the play store, here you will see everything about this application: the number of people who have downloaded it, its weight and all its information .

You will directly click on Install, after that, you will start using it, I am sure that you will enjoy this applications.

I hope you enjoy this topic,

Thank you.