In the continuation of bringing you the most important applications on this page, today we will bring you information about some Apps that you are waiting since.

And these apps are good, and they are easy to use, because you can use all without even turn on your Data.

Why we bring the first App

This software is Feature on smartphones that speaks the name of the person calling.

Sometimes we get ourselves in work, which seems to put our mobile phone far away from us, but in fact most of the people who use their phone far away while working use headphones to listen to music.

So that's why we came up with this App to help us by telling us the name of the person who is calling us directly, by using this App you can indicate who is calling you, will you pick up the call or let it miss.


Just after you download this App, when you click to enter it, it will give you two options which  was written (Samsung text to speech) or Speech service by Google, just choose the one you will see Always.

From here they will show you a different faces that you like, you can choose the options that you can see everything with Hausa Language.

It will be written like the following list;

1: it says the name of the person who is calling you loudly.

2: Says the name of the person whose Text Message came to your Mobile phone.

3: He pays for your text messages too.

4: It pays for new messages that come in force.

5: Then it tells you exactly when it comes.


After you open what you want, you can see what you opened on the first screen. When you come to the second screen, what is very important, you will find it on the bottom of your right hand side from the bottom first, click on it and it will give you some options (7). Therefore, we will interpret the most useful ones, namely the 3rd, 4th and 5th option.

3: which you can talks with headphones when is on.

4: Work from home (Select when you want to go to another time)

5: Shake your phone to stop talking (that's the App).


If you want download this App


After you click on it, it will take you to Google Play store and you will go directly to it. From there, you will see somewhere where Install is written, click on it, wait for it to finish, and then open it.


Firstly the name of this Software is (Image to pdf)

This app really impressed me and it's better if you put it on your phone because I know you will  like it and it will be very useful for you. Especially to the one who is to  protect his secrets.


First of all, one interesting thing about this App is that it is legal, because you can download it from Google Play store, the next thing is that this App is not heavy, and it does not use Data while you are using it.

Many times it is happen to the pairs or between lovers or two people or somethings like this have a problem on their phone, which will  put them borrow somebody phone.

Well, this application seems to give you a chance when I am using a phone that is not mine and  send  some documents or photos to who I am talking with privately, in the way that the owner never see it. 

So, by setting a password and send it to who you are talking with, you can use any picture you want to anyone without the owner of the phone see it unless you send him the password you set.

Well, it's very fantastic, because it's help us when we want send some documents or file that are private through the phone that are not us.

In other side, when you send a picture or paper through WhatsApp, it's clear reduced instead of increase,so by using this App you can send your pic without reducing it's clear.


After you download it directly, the first screen that seems to show you a blue text on the bottom which  is written Continue, when you click on it,it shows you a screen that contains some important things that we don't prolong to explain. 

But what it means is that you grab the picture in your Gallery or open your Camera to take it directly, you will see about 6 windows which include Image, Note, Receipt, Form, id card, Certificate. These you can learn everything yourself.

But we are to explain how to send pictures in pdf and set the password.

From the bottom you will see "Select Image" and you will click on Allow and you will say Yes, you will be taken directly to your Gallery, this is where you can choose all the colors of the image you want to add to the PDF and then enter a Password and send it to who you are talking through WhatsApp or other platforms.

How can I do it so quick 

You just select the picture you want from the right hand side and click on Import, and you can change the colors before sending.

From the top you will see an icon and you can click on it, so it will give you the name you want.

After the bottom on the side You will see where it is written "Next" and you will click on it and you will see where it is written "Done", and then you will click on the bottom and you will see "Convert to PDF" and you will also click on it and you will see five options in a row, so you can choose the option you want use.

In the second option you will see where the Password is written and you should click it.

And then enter the Password Number that you want, it may bring you some messages, just click on the one below, that is "LATER". 

When you have finished entering this password, click Later and you will see Convert from there on the bottom right hand side from the bottom, when you click on the question, just click Good and then you will be able to go to Share to where you want.

An amazing things in this App it will let's you quickly convert a PDF to PNG

That's why this app doesn't allow you to send your content privately even if it's on someone else's phone.

If you want to download this App...


After you click on the link you will see this App, you will directly click on Install and download it on your phone and learn to use it in the same way that we have shown in our text above.

Ok, we ask for forgiveness when we do something wrong, that's all 

If you read this lesson you can share it for your family members to see and benefit.

Thank you very much.