Quran Applications in Hausa language

Quran Applications in Hausa language

By the greatest of God, the developers come the beautiful and Ad free Quran IOS and Android, and it's easier to read the holy Book and memorize it, and listen to your favorite reciters are all available.

 The Qur'an is the greatest book that God revealed to his prophet Muhammad S.A.W, and it is the first Book that is looked at every time, there is a judgment in Islam, it is the source of Muslims, and it is what makes every Muslim happy every time he reads it. , or he feels he is being read.

Despite this status of the Quran, but you will see that some of the Muslims are not able to read the Quran at all, if you are one of them, then you should wake up from your sleep, I will give you some applications that will help you  to learn and read the holy Quran.

Then you can find someone who can recite the Al-Qur'an but has no one to help him or correct his recitation while reading. 

Or how can I reciting the Holy Quran with my phone without a teacher, yes! Possibly it will happen with modern technology.

So today I'm going to tell you about some important applications that you must have on your phone because I'm sure if you use it, it will impress you and help you to succeed in your Quraan recitation, so please read this post from beginning to end, and share it with your friends. so that they can benefit.

You will find all these applications in the play store, and I will send you their links so that when you click, it will take you to the play store to download it in an easy way.

First Application (Tarteel)

This Holy Quran is the first App to use AI tools to interact with your recitation and highlights mistakes in the way that will impress you.

Tarteel: Now this is the application of the Qur'an and it is the number one, because it has very special things with an AI functionality.

You can use this application when learning to read Quran, yes!  this application is created with Artificial Intelligence. 

For example, if you want to learn how to read the Fatiha, you will directly enter this application and follow the chapter you want to learn. 

After you learn how to open it and how to read it, this application will helps you in the rest of what you have learned, so that if you are reading it incorrectly, it will automatically correct you in an amazing way, whatever you say is wrong, this application will definitely correct you by shading the article of the Verse, that's so interesting.

You can use this Application to memorize, for example if you want to memorize, this Application will help you because it will listen if you want to memorize, and it will mark you where you have lost or recit it incorrectly.


All this information that I have given you is free, but if you want to use premium you can buy, but you have to pay some money.

If it's premium, you can learn how to read word by word, but if you don't pay, you won't get this opportunity.

This is the most important application of the Qur'an that I know so far, I hope you will try to use it while learning to read the great Qur'an.

If you want to download this App


Second application (Alqur'an)

Alqur'an: Of course, this is also different, because it does a lot of things. Before I knew Tarteel, this was the Qur'an application that I was enjoyed the most.

You can listen to the recitation of the Quran by Muslim scholars such as Sheik Sudais, Sheik Aliyu Jaafar, Sheik Shuraim, and other scholars. 

Then you can download the whole lesson, so that you can listen without turning on your phone data.

This application has a repeating system, for example if you want to repeat one verse or more then you can choose the verse and choose the number of times you need, this will also help you to emphasize your learning and the Qur'an. 

And you will understand where you are reading and where you are making mistakes.

In this application, you will get the translation of the book of God (Al-Qur'an) from Arabic to Hausa, and if you are a non-Arab, you will get it for your children. 

This Hausa translation is belong  to the prolific Malam Abubakar Gumi's translation, which he did a few years ago. 

And this interpretation is not a complete interpretation, because a complete interpretation is when you will be told the reason for the revelation of the verse, what the verse is talking about, and so on. 

But the translation in this application is not like that, it is word for word.


As far as I know, this application is free and there are no ads in it. I have been using this application for more than two to three years, so I advise you to try using it, God willing, it will impress you.

And another interesting thing about this App from Google Play store, and  it is legal, which is confirmed by being registered with Google Play store.

If you want to use it


Third Application (Aya)

Aya: God bless those who created this application because they did something interesting, I know you are thinking about who did it? What they have done.

 This application they have built, will allow you to search all the verses you need in the Holy Quran, for example if you want to find out on the page where a verse is or in a chapter where a verse is , you will directly search for the beginning of the verse or something you can remember in the verse, after doing this you will directly see the title and the page it is on.

Another good thing about this Software is that if you know how to turn it into dark mode, that is how you can protect your health, this App allows us to add this item while we study, which has a name (dark mode).

If you need to download it


All these applications are not difficult to download and they are not difficult to work with, you will understand everything, if you need more information, search our channel called mubarakeey tv on YouTube or search on Facebook mubarakeey.

I hope that these applications will benefit you in this world and the hereafter, then tell us your opinion below in the comment section which one is the most interesting to you. Don't forget to share with your friends so that they can also benefit from these important applications.

Thank you.