The Best Adventure games to download

Firstly we need to know what's adventure game?

It's a game that involve story driven experience that thrive on making the player or user want achieve, exploiting the sty allure of what's going to happen next.

In another meaning, Adventure games typically emphasize exploration and puzzle solving over action which their occur in fantastical worlds or settings, and the player is usually cast as the protagonist who most overcome various obstacle to progress.

Adventure games have been a popular genre of gaming for decades. They are loved by gamers for the unique mix of storytelling puzzle solving and exploration.



LUCAS was well known back in the day for it's exceptional point and click adventure games, like Maniac Mention. Two of the very people that worked on those classics created the thimbleweed park.

Thimbleweed was enjoys being a 2017 adventure game set 30 years as it's Mulder and Scully esque main characters arrive in town, with different agendas in order to solve a murder. 

Reference to LUCAS arts and monkey island are everywhere from a G loves  E Laine scratched into the the hotel elevator panel to an entire subplot about one of parks five main characters revolving around a quest to get a job as a (MmucasFlem) adventure game designer.


Yes, there were actually several ending you may have gotten the really bad one, you know you aware that which one it is , means , the one that feels lazy and recycle concept art, take away all motivation and mock the player for suspending their disbelief.

Where is the map in thimbleweed park?

Now you should be able to travel down a street to the nickel News , head inside, the goal in here is to get the map off the wall, and the police sheriff has to confiscated all the copies of the map in thimbleweed park , if you want do this, interact with the police Tron 3000 on her desk.


Tangle tower is a detective adventure game in which you will attempt to solve that staple of crime novels everywhere.

Tangle tower is an entertaining puzzle where you will explore a rather unusual mansion, find supporting clues interrogate suspect and the deal with difficult puzzles.

Like it was, a mysterious murder took place in this mansion, which is filled with strange and incomprehensible details, which means you will go to collect evidence. and you should find a possible clues and move further along the intriguing plot.

The final results drawn can lead you to the most unexpected locations of this mansion and the main character of the game will become your faithful assistant during the entire investigation.


MACHINARIUM it is puzzle adventure game in the classic monkey island vein by amanita game, as with that series it's  amazing and beautiful with wonderful music which is charmingly of the wall in it's animation and design and features no text at all only visual clues.

"I enjoyed  samorost ( simpler and shorter) and churcel very easy gameplay more a selection of surreal short animation by the same developer.
I have been playing in short bursts but I have find the gameplay such a slag that kills any enjoyment the art brings" he said.
An amazing things with this game is that the Graphics are entirely hand drawn and all look wonderful and it has sort of pencil sketch look to eat. And each area you are brought through is completely difference from the next, it si clear that Amanita wanted to design both capture.

Despite the sometimes annoying logic puzzle , I greatly enjoyed my time with this game. The game will take only few hours to complete overall.
But if you nail every puzzle on the first try, while game length is usually something I found most important about game. 

This game is unique art style and amazing sound track make it worth checking out regardless.

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