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NUMBER ONE; Fitness club tycoon is a simulation game with a good graphics which you will play the role of s slimming clubs boss, and run slimming boot camps, which it help users who need to slim down exercise.

This Software game is a casual sim game published by gamin studio, and now is available for free download.

In this incredible and amazing game players get to manage their own slimming team, transforming it to a top tier gym expanding it's reach globally.

From hiring unique employees like retired NBA players to react with customer and providing them with some to Eat it, such like food drinks and relief service. And. The interesting thing, there never a dull moment in the world of Fitness club tycoon.

This game is very perfect for fitness enthusiasm,

The new user to fitness casual players and management professional like.


Hero wars is a game that you may we'll have come across before.because of the adverts for it are rather diffuse.

Unfortunately they are also pretty misrepresentetive,  in that the sliding doors puzzle game that they show is actually only a very small part of what hero wars is.

Having said the the real substance of this game is still good fun.

Hero wars is a roleplaying online fantasy game with PVP battles that you begin your journey with the tutorial.

Starting with the campaign you will progress through the game and unlock new mechanic and game modes.

And Hero wars is an online game you need a stable internet connection to play.

The Hero is the total maximum hero level is 130, and to level up with heroes,you need to use them to complete campaign missions or use portion.

You can use ExP potion in town shop or receive them by raiding mission.

And it's a game designed to exploit players through frustration and a player experience team that works hard to compromise a player experience.

The game follows a formula that many Mobile gamers will be familiar with, it's all about building up a team of heroes and watching them make their way through dungeons.if  they are not up the challenge, you have to grind and enhance them, or you have to work to unlock other heroes who might be better suited to the challenge.


It is very perfect game and it's graphics are very interesting.

To manage your club from the pit wall to learn and master the art of racing. Scout sponsors and driver, invest in your factory to research and build performance part.

You can also Create technology alliances with other players to to trade performance upgrades.

If you score championship points and climb ranking to move up league.

You can race on 16 different tracks in Sprint, endurance daily and seasonal races, adapt your strategy to track and racing days condition.

One thing modern racing game fans always want is that feeling of progression in a racing title, and Gt manager 24 delivers on that.

Starting in the lower GT40 Category, players build their own racing team another highly requested feature from the ground up.

Racing takes place across two formats.

These are a seven lap sprint race and 14 lap endurance races. Endurance races required a mandotery driver change, so it's down to you to bring your Car in at the best time for seamless swap while also managing the fuel level of the car.


from the developers that brought raid shadow legends into the world, mech Arena is a game that is exactly what it says on the tin. You and other players take control of Mech suits and fight each other in arenas there's tones of customization available for the mech, and things you can unlock by grinding.

It's not complex concept by any mean,but a game that's really easy to dive into whenever you are after some simple thrills. Control are tight.

If you want download this Fitness Club tycoon click her... Fitness Club tycoon

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If you want download Gt manager Click here GT MANAGER

If you want download Mech Arena click here...


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