Assalamu alaikum warahamatullah brothers and sisters.welcome to this time and welcome to meet you again in this new lesson in which we bring you information and Tutorial on some important things related to Technology.

Without prolong , we have brought you some applications that we have searched in the Google play store and we have an assurance that will impress you, especially for those who use the Android phone.

Therefore, without a long explanation, we will  go into our explanation directly.


The reason for bringing this software, that we mention it's name above.

This App records all incoming call and outgoing automatically, that's offer you a unique and incredible features which will let you to record all your calls activities automatically.

And also you can shake your phone during the call to start recording automatically, and you can listen your record everytime you want at Mp3.

On the other hand, these apps can help provide security information if used properly.

And we do not allow you to use this Apps to harm someone or hack him.

Conveniently adjust the auto scroll speed using an on screen slider.

It indicates the current selected scroll speed in the margin.

It is very simply to switch a faster speed for browsing and slower speed for reading, and also you can select the apps where you want the auto scroll widget to appear.


After you download your APP directly, you will click on it and it will ask you for permission, then click "Allow" and then you will be asked that "when using the CALLX App, it will ask you to take your Contact Storage and Audio data to work in them" Then you will click "Allow" After that, click Allow.

Finally, after you have finished setting up everything, when you make a phone call or receive an incoming call, it will appear on your phone's screen like this.

From here, if you can hear everything you have discussed in the App, then you will enter it, then you will see the place where Play is written, click on it and you will hear the sound and the time and date of called in your phone.


Another interesting things in this App comes from Google play store, and it is registered with Google.

The reason for bringing this App is; 

Sometimes we find things that seem easy for us in life, but we can almost say that one of the functions of Technology is to find the easiest way and New development.

Therefore, the main reason why we have bring this application is to help you when you click on your phone, scroll down or up or sideways when you access Facebook or YouTube,  to provide it very speedy and usefully..for example.

This Application is for these who are already tired of thumbing through news. The Application offers to get the right range of costumizable buttons, so that getting after what you want just by tapping on the right one.

So, let say you are eating or something, and you want browse your Media Platforms or read an article, but if your hand is greasy, you can do that.

And an amazing things from this software it will allows you to customize your phone button panel,with that way you can set all the necessary buttons to appear, and remove the one that doesn't match your plan.


Just after you download it from Google playstore, you will click on it and then it will show you a screen that says "Allow". which is the one we will click, after we click directly it will show you a screen where you write "Grant permission" here you can also click from here depending on your phone, if it is Android 12 or 13 you can follow everything that is Off to turn it On.

After you click on Add, you will see a screen where Next is written. When you click on Add, click "Agree and continue" and without wasting time, you will see a new screen/page like this.

If we look carefully, we can see that this page above has some settings that we can use for this App, but we will only take two of the most important ones and explain them, which will comes like this;

If you want to stop it just click "Stop App" The most.

But the most important thing is "SELECT APPS"

This is where you can choose all the software you want to install this item. For example: let's say we choose WhatsApp and YouTube.

We will just click on "Select Apps" and then we will see the list of Apps that are on our phone, then here you can choose the one that made you access to this Software.

After you choose, yo should exit from here and go back to the software you have chosen, immediatly it's appear what you had choose and it will be display automatically like you set.

because as soon as you enter it you will see some signs like this; Some are up, some are down, some are on the other side.

If we look at this picture carefully, we will see how these signs are, they come exactly as we describe them.


This is a Software that will help you to repair your phone and improve the way it is, at the moment, it will design something interesting for you or make your phone very fantastic display.

And you are available to complete any task and requirement in it. and this App will gives you a way to outshine your competition.


Our main goal is to bring out all Modern technology to the people especially about Mobile phone.

That's why we decided to bring you this launcher which it has the most popular software right now.

This launcher aims to keep functionality and productivity at their peak in a simple and Elegant format. Yeah! And it is all free.


Using it is very easy, just after you download it from Google play store you will click on it, you will see your whole phone change to this face;

If we pay attention to the fact, there is a clock and "Seconds" are moving on the other side, there is a "Date" and the percentage of our phone.

The most important thing is that you will see somewhere written "I am looking for" and from here you will be able to find anything on Google right in your phone. history and others.

On the other hand, you can easily find all the Apps on your phone, by writing their name, you will see them appear immediately, all in this Launcher you can hide some of your Apps until you want to restore it by  yourself.

In this picture, I want to explain to you how we entered this software to find something related to the mobile phone in Google search which is like this;

This result seems to show you how easy this program is to find things, especially through Google.

Anyway, this is the end of our today lesson, hope you enjoy it well, thank you very much 

If you want download these apps click the down