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Our today lesson we are going to discuss about the world most trending game which it's ( PUBG).

PUBG mobile game is the free battle royale shooter that choosen by one billion players worldwide.Strong battles in ten minute matches,and you can play anytime everywhere.

PUBG was originally launched as a PC game, still called player unknown's background while the version streak off to became one of the most popular and trending Games on mobile device.

Infact PUBG mobile was published by Tencent game and now available on Android phones and IOS.

If you want download the game you can find it on Google PLAYSTORE and IOS version on Apple App store, it is always update on a week and month basis, with new content.

What is the minimum requirements on PUBG game?

This game is persistent online game, so you will need to a connection internet to Play neither via WIFI or Mobile Data.

But the tech specs for mobile Android are 6.0 and higher and at least 4 GB of Ram.

The iphone version needs 9.0, so full range of iphone models back iphone 7 are supported and ipad tab as well as new iphones with modern generation.

PUBG Mobile comes in two types of version, we can find get and explore what they are and play the now to show your skills when you compete against your opponent in the battle.

Yes, it has become one of the most battle royale titles. Because it's focuses in an epic match in which users must prove their survivability.


We can say yes, because there is a free options available, which is your purchasing elite royale pass will allow you to ear rewards .


The control of the game are relatively easy to learn, which  it's consist of a stick on each side of your screen movement , there some buttons to use saperately to switch weapons or fire your guns.

And the gamepad available to improve by using emulator or controller.


1; AUG A3

It was an adaptable 5.56mm bullpup assault rifle, the AUG A3 is not notable for it's accuracy and low recoil.

It's obtained from airdrop. Like we said early before with fire 5.56mm and has both a single short and auto mode.

With light recoil and great performance in the mid to far range. It doesn't have any  visible weakness.

This gun has very low recoil to control and very fast fire rate with high damage, this gun deserve to rank as SS tier like some of the people said.

2; M416

M416 is a popular assault rifles, like the M416 type , which are renowned for their consistent performance and manageable muzzle flash.

And m416 is a very simple to use, versatile and effective weapon. That why it's the first choice of everyone or every PUB G player. The gun deals good amount of damage has high rate of fire and has a good accuracy and range and has arather easy recoil.

PUBG is one of the games that currently still showcases their expertise in penetrating directly into realistic and efficient battle royale games.

This Gun is perfect for all ranges. Of course you need the perfect achievement needed to get the most of your weapen.

The best muzzles are compensators, you can use either vertical or half angle forgrips, this will helps to decrease fallback to a very typical amount.


almost yes, because it was ranked as the most popular game in 2022, the it was popular Alla around the world, the pandemic gave this games popularity a boost.

Unlike normal sports where players are physically on the playground , like EA sports takes place virtually.


There weapon style was amazing. You have to loot parts of the weapon to have the most accuracy.

But findin the best weapons in Pubg isn't easy, but they can give you an edge in the popular Battle royale.

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