Free fire the chaos game is globally trending and popular mobile battle royale game, has taken a glamorous and charming turn withe introduction of it's newest mode.

This dynamic and lack of predictability gameplay experience throws traditional battles royale strategies out the window. Instead of sorrounding the power .

This game is a free to play battle royale game developed and published by Gardena for IOS and Android company, which it was released on 2017 December.

The chaos became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 which it was over I billion downloads on Google PLAYSTORE.

Garena Free Fire game is a mobile version of popular survival shooter game of the same name. During each and every ten minutes you and around 49 other players will be stranded on an island an they should be work together to stay alive.

And also the players can drop in from wherever the y like with their sunshade, and the main point is to stay as much time as possible within the safe area.

You can use machine bike to travel across the expansion map or to disappear into the wilderness.

Many of it's kin, it follows a character from right behind them and gives you a good summarize of all actions that happened on the map.

Infact, all the characters in this game are placed on a single island.

Even so many players will find that this almost anarchist style of gameplay is where much free battleground appeal come does not have rules or team orientation that modern online shooters are to be awareness.

Because of that you may start to drop-in and out of various maps seemingly at random. That makes a good take for anyone who wants play game for just a few minutes while they are keeping waiting to something happen in the true world.

Don't forget to install  this  game which has almost 1B+ download, so I am suggesting you to download and enjoy it.


Subway is a single player mobile gaming app developed by kiloo.  The purpose abject of the game is to outrun a train inspector while try to avoid oncoming trains,  obstruction and other objects.
Taking coins on the way gives players advantages such as hover boards and very high scores.

In other meaning Subway is an eternal mobile game, and it is also available on Android IOS, Harmony OS and windows platform and all uses the unity game engine

What is the name of the kid in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is an everlasting runner video game, which starts by tapping the touchscreen while Jake or any other character sprays graffiti on a subway, and caught arrest in the act by the inspector and his dog, who starts chasing the character.

Why the game is very popular?

There are many numbers of reasons for the game's popularity, but one of the most important is it's player base. Subway surfers has a huge player all over the world, which helps to generate buzz and keep people playing.

This game is one of the popular mobile games in the world with an estimate download of 1 B+.

An also one of the highest grossing mobile games generating an estimated $1.6 million in revenue every day. 

How does the game ends?

As long as you can evade the authorities and not crash into obstacles, the gane goes on indefinitely if either of these things happens, the game is over and you will have to start again.


The default Subway Surfers character is teenage boy who named JAke who, incidentally, it is also the mascot for the kiloo company. Other characters can also be used, but they must first unlocked through gameplay. 

Some characters can be unlocked also by way of collecting certain character attributes in the game, such as a hat or other objects.
Some characters however are only available to be unlocked by way of in app purchases.

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