How to take care of your health

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, brothers and sisters, welcome to meet you again in this new lesson, today we will explain about these useful application that I know will help you a lot on your mobile phones.

Which type Application is this?

Its an Application that helps weight loss for men and women, this application has been downloaded by many people to use it, more than 50 million people, don't leave it behind.

What is the use of this application?

 This application will help you a lot in reducing your body and will also help you to be very fit.

 because usually when a person starts to grow, he becomes very busy, then some people don't have the opportunity to go to the gym, so that's why I brought you this application to help you you exercise wherever you want, and when you want.

 This application has a lot of features which I am sure will impress you. Yes! It will impress you, and it is not  not difficult to use, you will be able to use it easily.

If you want  to download it 


Application for the health sector

There are many Applications to help you or to notify you the time of your daily excercise, or to help you how to manage your body to be very fit and good looking .

But we decided to bring you this out of many, because it is very simple and useful to understand.

So if we want know how to use this incredible App follow us Step by step.

Heart Rate Monitor:

This application will help you to control your heart rate, but it is good before you start using this application to consult your doctor, so that he can gives you an advice that will help you. You can find it in play store.

If you want download this Application CLICK HERE

Google Fit

Google fit is a special application from the Google company, it has more than 100 million download.

Google fit  will helps you to manage everything related to your health, exercise, heart rate. 

What I like from this App you can connect your watch with this software to know how your health (when you are in training).

I recommend this application, it is very good.

An amazing things from this App it is collecting and combining all the results of how you exercise it is neither by walking or by riding bicycle or similar to this.
 it depends on how you set it up. This App comes from the famous company GOOGLE which allows iPhone and Android users to install it on their phone and use it easily. One of the most important functions of Google Fit is taking care of a human emotional state.

With this App, you can save all the information it has collected for you in your mobile phone or your watch that you have connected to this App in the Settings.

It is also available in Smart phones and both iphone and Android 

If you want download this App CLICK HERE

Health Connect (beta)

This software Health connect beta will help you to find all the important things that will help you to use them while taking care of your body's health through exercise and other activities related to your body.

Health and fitness app record valuable data with permission from Users

For example, Android users will now be able to sycronize and get credit for their peloton workouts in apps  like Oura.

Health connect is a way for app developers to have early access to a platform to securely shares health and fitness data across Android device .

 And the main task of this App is to help you list all the other activities you do while exercising, and then it will show you the results and help you with advice to manage your exercise as it should be.

Another good thing for iPhone users is that this App can help them connect the iPhone watch and see all the other things related to the maintenance of the condition of your exercise.


The answer is simply "Yes" because with this you can find out how to set it. and then you should go to the App dirictly and then click enter from your left you will see where you can complete your settings.

And this App seems to help you by recommending the pace that you should be doing every day, for example; The CDC recommends that you should be walking 10,000 steps a day for most people, which is about 8 kilometers or 5 miles.

If you want to Download this App  CLICK HERE


In this situation that we are in, where everything has moved to the computer, the hypothesis also shows that in a few years, everything in the world will move to the Internet, that is (Computer). Therefore, we think it is appropriate to directly bring you a software that you can install on your phone and it will turn into a computer. This seems to help us in learning computers before we have the opportunity to go to the market and buy our own. So before you buy it, I will bring you the software that it will turn your Android phone into computer exactly


This software is very useful to modify the phone, making it easier to use your phone and change the appearance of the phone, and increase the speed of your phone and many other things. After you download this app directly from where you installed it that is in Google Play store. you just click Open, It's a surprise when you see your phone's appearance has changed more than you thought. Then you your phone screen will turn into Computer window directely and you are to started using it with pleasure and relaxation.


Firstly, this application is legal, because you will get it in the Google Play store, which is approved by Google. Just after you click where we have written, click here and it will take you to Google Play store, then go to Search and write its name like this "Computer launcher pro" and it will come to you, or if you click here, you will be taken directly to the actual program which is just After installing, click on it and then click on Open. If you want download this App CLICK HERE


Step Counter is also an App that will help you count all the steps you take in a day, week or month, by listing the number of steps you take when the doctor has finished advising you.

Another good thing about this App is that it helps you when you enter what you want to archive for the day, but before that you will enter or fill in all your other information that with this information can advise you on how to move daily are weekly, like you set it in the Apps

And this App will keep your daily reautin in huge difference, because it is great way to make  sure  you are getting sufficient exercise everyday.

And the purpose of step counter is count step through you phone, find out distance traveled and monitor other fitness information.

This App is really very good because more than 5 million people have downloaded it and are using it.

If you want this App  CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoy this application,

Peace be upon you

Thank you.